Our Genres


ballet jay school of dance adelaide

Ballet – We train dancers in the Cecchetti Method of Ballet. Exams can be taken however are not compulsory.  The Cecchetti style is a ballet training method devised by the Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti. The Cecchetti principles of grace and beautiful lines form a strong teaching syllabus to meet the needs of young dancers whist still ensuring it still fun.


Jazz – We provide training in the CSTD Modern jazz syllabus, this has been devised by a number of professional choreographers and the work strengthens the dancers technique and flexibility using popular music. The jazz classes are full of energy and exams can be taken however are not compulsory.


tap jay school of dance adelaide

Tap – We provide training in the new CSTD Tap Syllabus which has been created using well known popular music by a group of experienced choreographers. Dancers learn the construction of tap steps using different rhythms and styles. Exams can be taken however are not compulsory.

Hip Hop

Hip hop – This is street dance taught using age appropriate music and movements for all age groups by our experienced and fun teachers.


Contemporary – Contemporary dance is expressive dance that uses elements from other genres including ballet and jazz. It shows emotions through dance with elements of pilates and yoga.


pointe jay school of dance adelaide

All young ballerinas get excited for the day they get their first pair of Pointe shoes. At the Jay school of dance we take Pointe very seriously and all dancers must be strong enough to achieve this goal. All Pointe dancers attend 2 ballet classes a week preferably from Grade 2 upwards and usually the required level is reached by Grade 5, although each dancer is different. It’s an exciting transition for any young dancer and we encourage all inspiring ballerinas to fulfil this dream in a safe and caring environment.

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